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Jessica Hano lives in Brampton with her husband and two children. Jessica and her husband Daniel (Sandra Lobinowich’s brother) have been married since 2009. Their children are, Aubrey who is 4 years old, and Jaxon who is 6 years old.

Jessica had seen Sandra’s family go through the struggle of having two of their children diagnosed with Autism, but was still disconnected from the details of it, until her own son Jaxon was diagnosed with Autism in January 2016. Jessica's family has now embarked on their own journey of researching solutions and techniques to help make their son’s life better. They truly believe that Peace by Piece will be an opportunity to help families who are going through the same experience.

After receiving her high school diploma, Jessica attended York University. She received an Honours Undergraduate degree in Criminology. Over ten years ago, Jessica began working at a not-for-profit organization focusing on alleviating poverty in the third world. Through this environment, she realized that her passion was not in her field of study, but was instead with helping others and making a difference in the world. During her time at this not-for-profit, she worked in various roles within the customer service department, from answering donor phone calls and e-mails, to customer service training. The past 10 years have given Jessica tremendous insight into customer centric relationships, and how to handle the dynamic between business and customer. She has also volunteered at her local church in the children’s department for many years and is comfortable and confident working with children. These attributes and experiences which will be highly valuable to the daily operations of Peace by Piece.




Sandra lives in Brampton, ON with her husband Mark and her three boys, Noah who is 12, Corbin who is 10, and Landon who is 9.  Immediately after completing her Secondary School education, she moved to Texas to complete a two year Leadership Training Certificate, with a Biblical Studies Diploma. Upon coming back to Canada, Sandra began working at a not-for-profit organization as an Administrative Assistant. During this time, she was also attending Toronto School of Business, in Mississauga, where she graduated with a Business Administration Diploma with Honours. In 2010, Sandra was offered a position at International Trade Bank in Toronto. She was brought in as a temp and during that time was offered a full time position as a Compliance Analyst. The many opportunities experienced in these roles allowed Sandra to hone her interpersonal and professional skills.

Furthermore, through her life experiences, having two children diagnosed with Autism, Sandra has been able to find her passion to help other families who are on the same journey. Sandra is overcome with a strong determination to leave a legacy for her children. Having Noah and Corbin diagnosed with Autism has given Sandra a new perspective on life. Sandra has become her son’s voice and has dedicated her life to advocating and fighting for Noah and Corbin’s well being, ensuring that they are receiving all the support and opportunities to succeed in life. Sandra and Mark have been involved with Erinoak, a government funded organization that provides services to families with autistic children. They were asked to speak at a parent panel to other families and were featured in the Erinoak Media Newsletter. Sandra has completed many workshops through Erinoak, including a 13 week course ‘The Learning Journey’, which consists of training parents on the principles of Intensive Behavioural Therapy. Through this training, coupled with real life experiences, Sandra is ready to give back to the community and help other families affected by autism. Sandra has a willingness to keep learning and expanding her knowledge to further benefit Peace by Piece.