What makes Peace by Piece unique is our focus on the Sensory Centre - separate rooms tailored to different sensory needs that will allow children to self regulate by choosing sensations.

As well as developing sensory processing, encouraging young children to engage with different activities can improve fine and gross motor skills and enable professionals and parents to watch and assess a child’s ability levels in an informal manner. Observation may highlight specific needs or sensitivities to certain types of input – such as light or sound and enable support to be purposefully offered.  There are so many different parts of a multisensory environment that can help children explore their senses and develop their processing skills. 


The Visual Rooms

The Visual Room will appeal to the children's sense of sight. Fixed items such as bubble tubes offer opportunities for observing movement and will provide visual stimulation. This room will offer features like:

  • LED lightings
  • Projectors that display interactive images
  • Twinkle lights
  • Interactive Wall Panels
  • Bubble tubes

The Tumbler Room

The Tumbler Room will allow the children to use their entire bodies for gross motor movements, and will include items like:

  • A climbing structure
  • Therapeutic swings (hanging from the ceiling)
  • A light up ball pit
  • Weighted blankets

the auditory rooms

The Auditory Room will stimulate the children's sense of hearing and will include items like:

  • Auditory Room - Headphones connected to audio programs
  • Music Room - Instruments (piano, xylophones, tambourines, etc.)

the tactile room

The Tactile Room will focus on fine motor movements and appeal to the sense of touch for the child. They will be able to feel vibration, and distinguish between different textures and temperatures. This room will include items like:

  • A sand box
  • A water table
  • A fine motor wall
  • Tactile balls

the quiet room

The Quiet Room will be a retreat for children who just need some down time and will include items like:

  • Soft chairs
  • Books
  • Dim lighting