our story is personal.
our reach is local.
our impact is national.
this is peace by piece.


Co-founded by Sandra Lobinowich and Jessica Hano, Peace by Piece is a GTA-based one-of-a-kind centre dedicated to providing a therapeutic and learning environment for children with autism and their families. The idea for such an institution was the product of inspiration and necessity at the same time: we are sisters-in-law whose children are on the autism spectrum.

The idea for starting Peace by Piece was formed out of a desire to help our own children, as well as to assist other families who share similar stories, tears, frustrations and joys of raising autistic children. The meaning behind our name is four-fold:

  1. Peace: we will provide a peaceful environment for children on the Autism spectrum by creating a location where they can feel comfortable and have their unique needs met by highly dedicated qualified staff;

  2. Peace: we will provide peace for the families of children with ASD, as we are all on this journey together and require continuous support;

  3. Piece: we will help children and their families step by step, piece by piece, one day at a time, providing resources and influence available from top practitioners and experts in this area of developmental science.


What makes the idea of Peace by Piece unique is our focus on the Sensory Centre - a variety of separate rooms tailored to different sensory needs. These will be set up in consultation with therapists and ASD professionals to ensure maximum effectiveness in engaging children and families.

The centre will offer a relaxed atmosphere with pleasant surroundings, soothing sounds, captivating aromas, tactile experiences, massage and vibration, vibrosonic sensations, and gentle movement. Interesting light effects and comfortable seating will allow children to self regulate by choosing sensations.