peace partner - Air canada foundation

Our Peace Partners have donated between $5,000-$25,000.
Air Canada has been committed to the community since its inception 75 years ago. The launch of the Air Canada Foundation in 2012 marks a new chapter in Air Canada’s dedication to the health and wellness of children and youth.
Our mission is to help connect sick children to the medical care they need, alleviate child poverty, and make the wishes of ill kids come true. We work toward this mission by supporting pediatric hospitals, providing assistance to charitable organizations, and raising funds.



Bids for Benefit dreams of creating a positive world one charity at a time. 

Using creative, unique, and non-invasive fundraising methods, Bids for Benefit helps charities get the support they need without relying on traditional and overdone methods. They bring charity, business, and people together to help raise money through Sealed Bid Auctions.


How It Works:
• Establishments host a rotating collection of art and sports memorabilia.
• Generous customers submit bids, on location, for the artwork.
• The establishment gets increased traffic and helps a charity of their choice.
• The charity selected by the establishment receives 100% over the starting bid amount.

Bids for Benefit is working to raise money for Peace by Piece, and currently has art easel auction installations at the following partner locations:
• …coming soon!